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MLIT's call for entries Jul. 10, 2018

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) has promoted i-Construction that utilizes ICT and other technologies in all the construction processes, with the goal of improving productivity at construction sites by 20% by FY 2025.
The Integrated Innovation Strategy (approved by the Cabinet on June 15, 2018) states that R&D by the public and private sectors geared toward the generation of innovations in sciences and technologies are to be promoted strongly as a means to make Japan one of the countries most suited to innovation in the world.
Thus, the MLIT is inviting the general public to submit R&D “projects related to the introduction and utilization of innovative technologies to dramatically enhance productivity at construction sites,” involving the integration of knowledge and wisdom from diverse areas, the acquisition of digital data on a real-time basis, and the trial application of new technologies that utilize these, including IoT and AI, to public civil engineering works.
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